Interior Design

Interior designing is an art in which creativity and technology work together, to culminate a well-defined interior environment different from others and that makes an interior designer a best one.

Planning Support:

With creativity and attention to detail, our accredited planners will help you.  Create great spaces that are innovative, productive and comfortable, utilizing the latest in planning technology.  We quickly create plans and specifications to help you.  Develop space and budget requirements.

Project Management:

Our project management works closely in the detail with the project maintaining the quality of work, Keeping target deadlines.  When it comes time to tackle a difficult challenge, who do you want by your side?
A group of people who do the minimum required of them and go home, or a cohesive team of proven professionals dedicated to meeting your needs.

Goodhomz – Interiors- offers

Site survey along with CAD design and consultancy services, responding promptly to your enquires. Our interiors specialist’s expertise includes luxury apartments, villas, offices and commercial designs.
Goodhomz offers a vibrant, modern and effective design as per the client requirements.
With over 20years experience in the interior design, will guide you through each stage of the design and space planning process, right through to the realization of the project.  Ensuring each stage is executed with in budget and on time.
Goodhomz team has a passion for providing the uppermost in design concepts, endeavoring to surpass over clients expectations.
Each project is viewed on an individual basic and we give each one the care and attention required to maximize its potential, both in terms of space utilization and overall aesthetic effects.
Whilst being mindful of budgetary restrictions and implementation time scales.
Goodhomz interiors: – Our proactive team work from concept to completion.  Interior projects achieved on time and within budget.

Our team believes in a close working partnership with our esteemed NRI clients through a single source, which enables a clear interpretation of the requirements ensuring on proposals, exceed your expectations in aesthetics, functions and budget.
Our total promise to you is on the provision of competent, professional project management which is fully compliant with interior design and execution management.
We brings a professional package from concept design, budget costing, production of detailed design, monitoring and compliance with regulations and the executions, all projects undertaken receive the same attention to detail, meticulous planning and expert supervision.
Our philosophy is to liaise with our client through each stage of a project to ensure on understanding, resolve problems and continually monitor all facets of a live contract.
Management skills have gained us a reputation to deliver on time, on budget to achieve total client satisfaction.
We stress on detailed initial project planning, close co-ordination, project management expertise to ensure accurate and efficiently executed projects and quality products.
Promising to a positive contribution to the quality of the build environment, to create place enrich people lives.  We have incomparable local skills and expertise.

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