Construction management

Construction Management:
Construction project management, is a means of planning, organizing, and implementing the work performed at the construction site. Modern construction is a complex minefield of schedules, peripheral conditions, legal obligations, cost and resources issues. Without expert advice and guidance the project risks failure, and the client may face financial losses and possible liabilities. Construction management helps the investor, project developer or building owner to establish objectives and adapt to this constantly changing environment to ensure the success of their construction project.

Pre Construction Phase

  • Design Coordination with Consultants

architect-1First Step is to coordinate between the Client and Consultants. This includes Design Elements of the Building, Architectural Designing, Structural Designing, Building Services, and other designs like, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing & Sanitary, Air conditioning, Elevators, Etc.

  • Finalization of Project Plans

Finalizations of decisions pertaining to the Details of the Specifications are also discussed by our team with various Consultants so as to ensure the high standards of Quality and Aesthetic Values, without compromising the Economic viability of the Project.

  • Calculation of Bill of Quantities

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A Schematic Design Estimate is prepared by our team from Schematic Drawings and it is normally more Detailed and Quantitative than Conceptual Estimates. Most of the Quantities are developed from the Plans and Specifications provided by the various Consultants.


  •  Resource Management

All Material such as Labor, Machinery and Equipment, required and their cost and availability in the market is determined. Our Team will assess the quality of the material.

  • Appointment of various Contractors and Suppliers

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Depending upon the Type of the Contract, like Item Rate Contract or Turnkey Contract, Various Contractors and Suppliers for different Works are appointed by our team. Their appointment is value based, always after consulting the Client.

  • Time Scheduling of Project

The actual progress work should be compared to the Baseline Schedule on a regular basis; and techniques, such as Short Interval Scheduling and Critical Path Analysis, can help avoid delays and make up lost time if necessary.

Construction Phase

1. Cost Analysis and Cost Control.

2. Schedule of Material Procurement.

3. Monitoring of the Project.

4. Quality control and Billing of the Contractor.

5. Project Reviews and Reports.


  • Cost analysis and Cost Control:

Our Team ensures that there are relevant cost involved in the project and eliminate the unnecessary costs by using various cost analysis tools “Cost Model-to-Construction” process, coordinating the Resources of the Entire Project Team to Produce Results.

  • Schedule of Material Procurement.

The Schedule of the Material Procurement is designed by our team on the dates much ahead of the actual Work to be executed as the Availability of the Material before the Commencement of Work is Crucial to maintain the Critical Path of the Activities.

  • Monitoring of the Project.

Our Team understands and ensures the Ultimate purpose is to comply with the Schedule Goals and maintain the established balance between Quality, Cost and Time.

  • Billing of the Contractor

Depending on the Type of Contract and Schedule of Work to be executed, the Payment of the Bills of the Various Contracts is prepared by our Team and submitted to the Client for the Payments

  • Project Reviews

Our Teams takes care of Project Documentation, Cost Estimating, Scheduling, and Budget Reporting are computerized. A meeting with all team members is conducted on a weekly / fortnightly basis, with the minutes being recorded and distributed.

Goodhomz Project Management Consultants provides Experienced, Vigilant Control of Design, Budget and Scheduling. Our Project Managers know the Critical Questions to ask and by blending Innovative Problem-Solving Skills, and Quality Construction Techniques we consistently Complete Projects on Time and on Budget.

Goodhomz Project Management Consultants will Continually Strive to provide Superior Service with the Highest Level of Integrity. We will make a difference to our Clients and Community. Our focus remains firmly on our Clients through Pro-Active Communication, Collaboration, Leading Edge Technology, and Good Old-Fashioned Hard Work.

Post Construction Phase

  • Issue of Completion certificate
  • Ensuring of the Execution of Indemnity Bonds by the Contractors.
  • Overseeing the Guarantee period.
  • Overseeing the Insurance Policies and Annual Maintenance Contract.

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Construction Contracts
Agreement For Construction Of Building Between The Owners And The Contractors On Turnkey Basis Download Below link:


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