Architectural Design & Consultancy Services

The Sequential Phases of a Project:house-architect-plans

  • Consultation with client & clients Principals, taking instructions and requirements for project planning.
  • Preparation of schematic design, proposals, preliminary layouts, preparation of drawings & Suggestive Graphics illustrating design concepts, preparation of preliminary budget and cost estimates etc. To enable the client to arrive to appropriate conclusions on nature of the schematic designs, concept etc.
  • On approval of schematic design extending the Schematic design in to a detailed concept, working out on various aspects of floor plans, specifications, costing, Design analysis etc.
  • Analysis of drawings made:


    The Schematic floor plans that are made will be analyzed in detail and layouts will be prepared in accordance with further actual requirements and the same shall be developed to detail, taking in to consideration proper articulation of spaces, Proper natural lighting in to interiors, cross. Introduction of various infrastructure aspects like Electrical, Sanitary, and water supply. Air conditioning. Sewerage disposal, etc. into preliminary designs to make sure of its adaptability.

    Preparation of presentation drawings for display in Sketchup . Providing with all necessary information, drawings,..

  • Preparation of working drawings for execution purpose in detail & all necessary details shall be arranged.

List of drawings to be prepared:


  • Detailed working plan with column position and execution drawings.
  • Detailed excavation drawing.
  • Plans showing site & buildings floor levels and leveling details.
  • Detailed brick work drawings for all floors with internal, external & partition wall details, showing doors, windows, ventilators and other details.
  • Details of doorframes & shutters, window frames & shutters, safety grill designs, fixing details, ventilator designs etc.
  • Architectural working drawings for staircase and lifts.
  • Elevations of all four sides with all working details, material specifications and color schemes.
  • Providing all the details such as staircase railings, window grills, flooring patterns, cladding details, dadoing details etc.

Architectural Consultancy Service charges:
Working with an architect for “Your Home”

  • There is no fixed fee scale in India, so an architect will charge a fee taking into account the requirements of the projects resources needed to undertake the work.
  • Before the fee can be agreed, both architect and client should establish project details and services to be provided.
  • Approximate construction cost(Estimation).
  • Project time table.

Method of calculating Fee:

A quoted percentage of the final cost of the building works,and a fixed or calculated lump sum or sum.
Time Charges
Another Mutual agreed basis

Additional Fee:

  • Additional fee are normally payable to the Architect for the reason beyond the controls, involved in extra work expenses incurred.
  • For Instance, the client repeatedly asks the architect to revise the scheme, or make constant alterations at a late stage in the detailed drawings, preparations.
  • Request Architect.

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